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Efficient and dedicated employees are the real assets of an organization. In the prevailing era of cutthroat competition, all businesses race against each other to stay ahead. In such a situation where hiring and retaining diligent employees is essential for growth and development, boosting their morale and promoting company culture is the need of the hour.

Office parties to celebrate employee birthdays, welcome a new team member or commemorate other similar occasions can be nicely utilized as opportunities for collaboration and strengthening mutual bonds. The best idea when organizing office parties is to hire catering in Moore, OK, as these services ensure that your valued employees enjoy a great time with awesome food.

Office parties can be made better with smart providers of catering in Moore, OK. There are restaurants like Louie’s Grill and Bar that provide amazing options for both food and beverages suitable to the taste and preferences of your employees. However, when throwing an office party, you must be very careful while selecting the dishes from the menu in order to avoid any unpleasant situations. The dishes listed below are exclusive to the catering menu of Louie’s Grill and Bar from which you can choose items to combine for an awesome meal for your employees.

Party Trays

A party tray that can easily feed eight to 10 people contains many foods that will taste delicious and are easy to carry. It may contain appetizers like jumbo bone-in wings and boneless wings served with celery and your choice of dips to be set out at the beginning of a meal to compliment the drinks. People around the world love to begin their meals with tasty starters and appetizers that not just help them unwind with the other people present but also makes them hungry for more.

Apart from this, a party tray can include wraps like the turkey chicken club wrap and chicken Caesar wrap, and sandwiches like the gobble-gobble and California club sandwich are pretty popular and served with veggies and fresh fruits. Breaded chicken tenders with honey mustard are also a good option to go with.



These salads feed eight to ten people, and there are both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options made up of healthy and tasty ingredients. For instance, the house salad contains vegetables like mixed leafy greens, tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots. In contrast, the Asian and super spinach salads include chicken or turkey as chief ingredients along with the fresh veggies.

Special Boxed Lunch

Our services for catering in Moore, OK, include special packages for your office parties like boxed lunches. These contain wraps and sandwiches of your choice, such as the Southwest wrap, ham sandwich or California club. The meat used is properly smoked so that your employees will fall in love with the taste. The idea to choose a boxed lunch for everyone at the office for a party is convenient, healthy and tasty.

Big Eats

This section of the menu offers an ultimate three cheese macaroni bake with applewood smoked bacon, cheddar and jack cheese, parmesan, grilled chicken and a generous sprinkle of garlic bread crumbs. In addition to this mouthwatering dish, you can add on to your big eat with delicious items like queso, broccoli salad, rice and tortilla chips.

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