The History Behind Chicken Wings

Chicken wings

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Chicken wings is one of the most common and well-liked items in any restaurant. It is interesting to note that the concept for this dish originated in 1964 in Buffalo, New York when Teressa Bellissimo prepared a snack of chicken wings in hot sauce for her son and his friends.

Instant Success

Belissimo’s son and his friends relished the chicken wings. They liked them so much that she immediately put the wings up as a menu item in Anchor Bar the very next day, serving it to customers with blue cheese sauce and celery sticks.

chicken wings okc


Later on, Teressa Bellissimo’s son Dominic Bellissimo, along with Dick Winger, who used to sell hot sauce to the bar, worked together to promote the chicken wings, thereby making the dish more popular.

Involvement of Big Operators

By the 1990s, chicken wings had caught the attention of many big restaurant operators such as McDonald’s, Domino’s Pizza and KFC, who also introduced it in their menus. Thus it gained more popularity nationwide.

Link to American Football

Chicken wings also became a staple food for fans of American football, making it a primary item in many sports bars.

We hope you have learned some fun facts about the history behind chicken wings in this article. Whenever you crave chicken wings in OKC, do not forget to visit your local Louie’s Grill and Bar.

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