The Buffalo Wing: A Legacy of Heat

Buffalo Wing
Anything that is red, hot and spicy is not just pleasing to eyes but can be equally pleasing for your taste buds too. Dishes like buffalo wings that are always sizzling hot and too spicy to handle especially grab the attention of foodies. This particular delicacy, besides being a great companion for your wine, also puts your madness for spice to the test. This post helps you in comprehending the reasons why this peppery preparation, in spite of causing so much pain, is still crowned as the first love for all spice-loving foodies worldwide.

The origin of buffalo wings as a great dish offering awesome tangy taste can be traced long back in the history of the evolution of cooking food. A mistaken shipment carrying meat pieces that were no longer needed by a bar owner led his mother, Teresa Bellissimo, to put them into use as midnight snacks. Her simple yet flavorful preparation became famous with the passage of time and later evolved into a much tastier and spicier delicacy, but what has remained unchanged to date is the idea to serve the dish with blue cheese dip and celery. The name “buffalo” for the dish refers to the city of Buffalo in New York.

Great dishes often have great preparation techniques that need much dedication and care to bring forth delicious taste and flavor in the food. Well-trained chefs with expertise and a proportionate mixture of selected ingredients impart exceptional taste to the dish. However, it is the unique way of slicing the chicken pieces into two separate parts that distinguishes buffalo wings from simple chicken wings in the first place. Adding to the taste is a rich and varied blend of spices that make it even hotter. In order to bring out the crazy zestful flavor, the pieces are then deep-fried and ultimately slathered in a tangy juice containing melted butter, hot red sauce and loads of pepper.

This specific dish is the perfect choice on the menu for bar-goers, especially because the excessive use of spice nicely pairs up with beer and wine. The exclusive ghost pepper sauce usually served with buffalo wings offers lip-smacking taste while giving a big ignition to your love for spice in food.

Moore restaurants offer great opportunities for diners to showcase their spice tolerance through different contests and events. Such competitions on one hand add on to the promotion and popularity of the dish among the masses, while on the other hand they reward customers with free t-shirts, discounts on food and drinks, etc. for all their painstaking efforts to beat the heat of the spice. Some restaurants offer to publish the picture of the winners of such contests on their restaurant walls. Thus it appeals considerably to a good number of food and spice lovers to participate and win publicity.

Spice is no doubt the taste of life, and at Moore restaurants that offer buffalo wings on their menus, you are bound to enjoy the wings as the real legacy of heat.

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