Beer Cheese and Other Weird Appetizers From Louie’s Grill And Bar

The custom to start a meal with great wine and tasty appetizers first originated in southern America and England, dating long back in the history of human civilization. Since then, it has gained immense popularity across the world as the best idea for complimenting drinks and wine while treating your palate with flavor.

Appetizers not only help you relish your beverage of choice, but in turn they give you a lot of information about the taste and quality of the food served in the restaurant beforehand. Hence it is wise on the part of customers walking in to choose starters carefully. Restaurants must be careful, too, while serving appetizers, as the first impression is often the last impression. This Moore lunch menu is flooded with options and includes lip-smacking delicacies in the form of uncommon yet palatable appetizers.

Food and fashion never get confined. So you are totally free to experiment and come up with ideas, as the dishes let you taste the food just the way you want. This Moore lunch menu has the following appetizers that may sound weird but are very flavorful and worth giving a try.

Beer Cheese Dipping Sauce

Addiction is less harmful if it is for good food. Beer cheese dipping sauce is a creamy, flavorful recipe that gives a good treat to your taste buds and ultimately lets you enjoy something tasty and light. It is a great companion to tasty chips when celebrating a party mood. Moreover, munching on this particular dish as a starter lights up your spirits along with exquisite sips of wine and still leaves space for the next course of your meal. A great football game at an eatery in your neighborhood with pals can be surely taken to the next level with this beer cheese dipping sauce as an appetizer on a Moore lunch menu.

Fried Pickles

Fried Pickle

Among all snacks that originated in the U.S., fried pickles are one of the most common and most popular. This dish is prepared with utmost care and involves deep-frying sliced, battered dill pickles to serve you a great option with which to start your meal. For a party with friends or family, a special gathering, or just a good food feast, fried pickles prove to be the perfect dish to help you unwind and enjoy the extravaganza. The richness of your favorite beverage coupled with this classic appetizer will enhance your eating experience and tickle your taste buds.

Fried Green Beans

The name of this dish gives you a pretty good idea of what it is and how it tastes. However, this is a snack with a twist. Fresh green beans are blanched and then deep fried till they become crispy. What adds to the magic in the dish is the secret set of spices and condiments that join the green beans to impart a mouth-watering taste with a great aroma. This appetizer can leave you feel craving more and more fried green with every delicious bite.

Louieā€™s Grill and Bar is a popular restaurant that not just values your tastes and preferences but strives hard to come up with awesome ideas that help you dive into the real taste of life.

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